Late Sunday Morning

Published September 29, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Here I sit on a fairly sunny day, contemplating doing my laundry (I had to do 2 loads yesterday….both for my son; the first one so he could hang out with his friend, the second for work for today & tomorrow), writing up notes for my exam in Social Policy, or having a nap. Still haven’t heard from Murphy yet, even though I posted him a link to my one post and then copied & pasted the post into an email.

Found out today they’re planning to change the GED exam as of Jan. 2014. The changes would mean Nathan needing a new study book….they’re using the “Common Core” Curriculum and adding 4 essay questions; they’re also computerizing the test as well as placing a flat fee of $120 on the exam. According to the article in the Gazette, Arin is planning on running a test each month to allow people to take it before the new changes come into effect. Hopefully Nathan will be able to take the test either in Nov. or Dec. and pass it. We’ll have to see what his schedule is like and if he can manage his time so he can study for the test.

I have 2 books to mail out tomorrow. More books waiting to be posted; I didn’t want to post all of them since I didn’t want to have to lug them on the bus on the way to school in order to post them all at once. Not sure what happens once I’ve posted & mailed all the ones I’ve got.


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