Food Stamp Cuts and other problems….

Well, today food stamps will be cut for everyone across the board. Not so wonderful news for parents trying to feed their families or even single people struggling to eat a nutritionally adequate diet. However, on the good side, children in school will benefit from the $5 billion cut to SNAP – increased education funding and school nutrition programs. I’m not saying that’s not a good thing. Children ARE important. They will be the next generation. They will become the new doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, teachers. Perhaps they will be reminded as adults of how they received fruits and vegetables (but no junk food) at school while they had to eat baked beans and toast every night for a month because of food stamps cuts.

Okay, that’s somewhat extreme…..or not. The fact is: people who receive a monthly benefit of $275.13 in food stamps will suffer a $36 cut.  So they’ll be $239.13 per month in food stamps. Wow, that sounds like an adequate amount, right?  Well, my son works for minimum wage as a cart pusher at Wal-Mart – 33 hours per week. I am a full time college student, hoping to graduate next month. He is a strong & relatively healthy 22 year old, while I am a nearly 59 year old woman with various health issues. Of course neither one of us has visited a doctors in quite some time. Oh, I did manage to see a doctor for free at the local hospital here, in order to get my anti-anxiety/depression medication (until the County Assistance Office gets their act in gear & sends me a denial letter for Medicaid so I can apply for WeCare in order to finally get a family doctor). So neither one of us has health insurance. I have to go for months without my meds, which leads to extreme depression; this results in lack of concentration, fatigue, and low motivation.

So…back to the $275.13. With my son working, that’s what the government decided we were allowed in food stamps. Prior to that, we were getting $375. This month, no doubt, we’ll only receive $239.13. Can you eat a balanced diet on that? No way. We didn’t eat healthy on $275. Add to this the fact that there are not many things I can eat (without first seeing a dentist and getting dentures). And the government fails to consider the actual cost of food in this equation.

It’s definitely going to be an awesome holiday season this year! (Not)