Happy Boxing Day!!

Published December 26, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Yes, it’s Boxing Day….in Australia, at any rate.  I just spent a large amount of time trying to find the “notes” I made for my Personal Statement for grad school.  Looked in the computer – nada.  Looked on FB in my PMs to Murphy – zilch.  Same for gmail.  Then I thought, “Wait a minute…I think I wrote something about it on my blog.”  So I went there.  Unfortunately, it was “old” blog…So I went to my new one, and couldn’t remember the password, so had to reset it.  Geez!

It’s been snowing off & on since about midnight (nearly 10:30 am now). Nath and I went up to Sheetz for cigs around 8:30 and the driveway was awful (so, what else is new?? 😦 ) and Warren Rd. wasn’t much better.  Anyway, Nath had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. We were supposed to go over to Lisa’s yesterday – but not enough quarters for laundry (especially since Nath works today). I did get one gift: a wolf calendar from Marcia. Gifts aren’t really important anyway.

So, I’m supposed to catch the 12:30 bus and meet Murphy today. We’re going to go to Fortune Buffet for lunch (she’s treating me, tho I hate for her to spend her hard-earned money, especially when her brother hasn’t finished doing the fafsa paperwork), then to Michael’s to look at frames, then to sprawlmart.

Received my diploma in the mail a few days ago!  Was really surprised it came so quickly, since they usually say it takes 4 to 6 weeks. I guess it gets processed much faster for the December graduation….which, by the way, was pretty awesome!! I’m glad I went to Commencement. Saw a few friends there (especially my friend Sara)….Marcia didn’t show up, of course, because it was snowing really bad (WE even had trouble getting there!). Picked up Murphy and went to KCAC, where I had to stand from about 12 noon until roughly 12:50. Tyler showed up, but Lisa just dropped him off. So, really, I didn’t have much of a cheering squad, but….not to worry. Murphy took a few photos, some of which turned out pretty good (considering the subject). Had 4 photos taken by the professionals and chose one of the 2 with myself and the President (I didn’t look so awful in that one). That should be coming in the mail within the next 3 or 4 weeks.

I’ve been sick since the week before Thanksgiving. First, Tyler came over to use the computer because their internet isn’t on. He’d been sick. He and Nath went to lunch that day….then Nath gets sick and has to call off work one day. I think that was the Friday he got sick. By the next Wednesday, I was sick!! More or less the same time as last year, too. Anyway, I managed to make it to class on Wednesday & Thursday….on Friday, Dr. Sandhoff took one look at me and sent me home (since I only had her 2 classes that day). Of course, as per usual, once the virus or whatever it is, settled down, it decided to take up residence in my ears. So, basically, since the week before Thanksgiving, I’ve had 50% hearing. Great right??? NOT.

Of course, getting a “D” on my policy paper for Dr. Bonach really bummed me out. Then I thought that maybe I wouldn’t pass all 4 classes and would have gone to commencement under false pretenses.  But, my friend Sammi showed me how to access Ursa the old way (rather than through MYIUP) and I was able to see my final grades before they actually came out on the 20th of December. Boy! was I ever surprised!! Considering how many days I missed, and the “D” on my paper, I got 4 “A”s and 1 “B”!!! “A”s in Contemporary Social Problems, Race & Ethnicity, and Sociology of the Family; and a “B” in Social Welfare Policy. I ended up with a final GPA of 3.18. Of course, I would have loved a higher GPA, but at least it was above 3.00. So I’m not really complaining.

Anyway, time for me to jump in the shower, I guess. I’ll write more later. Lots to tell, if I can manage to keep my brain clear enough.


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