Nearly the end of the Year….

Published December 28, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Had a great time with Murphy!!! First we went to Michael’s and looked at frames. Saw a “shadow box” type for a photo and tassel – which wouldn’t do much good for my diploma – still it was really nice & I’d like to display my tassel. Then I looked at the various frames. When we went to another section with more frames, I saw the PERFECT ONE!!!  Wooden and kind of ‘scooped’ but not flat. I remembered Nath saying that we should get one that looked ‘scholarly’ and that really fit the bill! That one was $29.99 (on sale, I think); the tassel/photo one was $24.95; the matting was about $6.99.  I’m trying to talk Nath into getting both of them. I did see one on the internet that would hold a diploma and tassel for just over $20…only problem is that it’s no longer available. All the others were roughly $76 and up.

So then we went to Fortune Buffet. That was cool. Then caught the Green to Walmart – Carl was driving & said the jerky was finished, so I arranged to see him on the 2nd of January (he’s working day shift) to get some. Didn’t get much at Walmart really. Got a pack of 2 lightbulbs for my crappy lamp, a full zip fleece for Nath, some blackberries and yogurt, and got a refund for the other fleece. We mainly “window shopped” since we had to wait for the Yellow.

Found out most of Murphy’s comments – the ones where he and Marcia were debating – were totally gone on my FB account. I checked my time line and the news feed….nothing. Marcia had told me that she blocked Murphy (due to bad language) and I wanted to check the comments to see if she was exaggerating. Well, when I couldn’t find any of the comments, I thought: hang on; you can block someone, so I wonder if you can delete their comments if they aren’t friends. So I went to Marcia’s timeline and tried it with one of her friends. Found out if you click on someone’s comments, it comes up with options like “Unhide” and “Report” and “Send this person a note”… I wondered if she’d done that with Murphy’s comments. That made me more angry with her than I had been in the past, so angry that I was “calm” rather than wanting to vent.

Told Murphy about it, then sent Marcia a message, politely tearing her a new one! She said she didn’t do any of that. Well, later on, she said she’d changed her settings back and Murphy’s comments were visible on my timeline….so I checked. Managed to click on the monthly posts and a lot of her comments were visible….but Marcia’s weren’t. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I’d wanted to save the “exchanges” for future reference. Murphy is so damn good at debate and was so eloquent – something I’m not – I thought the comments would come in handy in case I do end up in grad school.  Oh, well….water under the bridge.


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