Published January 6, 2014 by mamapossum1954

Not a lot has happened so far this year. Last Thursday, Murphy & I caught the bus and went to campus to check if the offices were open. They were! So we went to Financial Aid on the 2nd floor and I asked about the reduced fee program for the GREs. One of the workers disappeared for awhile, then came back with my ‘certificate’. I was overjoyed!!! We went to Giant Eagle Express for a coffee where I discovered that Fin. Aid had checked the wrong box on the form; they’d listed me as a senior rather than a graduate, and also did not give me a copy of my ISIR (not sure what this is, but I’ll need it for when I send my form in for the test). So….this means another trip to campus & to Fin. Aid to get this sorted out. Good thing is, with the fee reduction, I only have to pay half of the fee, which is about $90 – minus what Barb sent me, that’s only $15 I need to pay.

Went to Michael’s yesterday with my son to show him THE frame that Murphy & I found for my diploma. While Nathan was not as ecstatic as I was, I could tell he saw why I felt it was the perfect frame. Fortunately, Michael’s was having a sale: half off all frames, plus a 15% off bonus coupon for any regular priced item. So we got the frame and the matting…altogether, it was under $16…which is a hell of a lot better than a $15 cheap, crappy frame from Walmart!!! My son is the best!!!

We went to the mall after that so he could buy a dehydrator; he wants to make his own jerky. Then off to Walmart to buy lunch stuff for him. He works today & tomorrow from 2 till 10….Normally that’s not a problem….However, later this evening, the temps are supposed to go down to single digits….and in the morning temps are supposed to be in the negatives!! It’s snowed a little bit this morning…..The main thing I worry about is the truck. I’ve heard that car batteries can totally die in extremely cold temps….so I mentioned this to him last night so he could be prepared. Fortunately, Walmart sells batteries and there is always AAA to call to install one. Hopefully there won’t be any problems & the truck will start tomorrow …. he can’t afford to miss any more work.

Of course, in his current frame of mind, I’m sure he wouldn’t care if Walmart fired him….or he decided to quit. They’ve been treating their staff, especially the cart pushers, abominably. Not the CSMs…but upper management. Of course, it’s a corporate thing….and profit IS more important than employees or even the customers. He wants to get a better paying job….his friend works for Neighbors Oil and brings home a crapload of money each month. Not sure if they require a GED or not.

Well, it’s about time for him to get up. At least I don’t need to wash clothes this morning, since I did them yesterday.


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