Small step in the right direction

Published January 16, 2014 by mamapossum1954

Yesterday, Murphy & I caught the 12:30 bus to town….I had to stop at the bank for quarters for laundry, then we went to Giant Eagle Express for coffee. Then…another trip to Clark Hall to see them about my fee reduction for the GRE test. Didn’t take too long, fortunately. All fixed up now. Well, it will be once I get some ink & can print out some forms & what-not – not to mention coming up with the rest of the $92.50 I need to send in for the test.

We took the Green bus to Walmart after that….well, actually, we went to Petco….BIG mistake!!! Wandered around for awhile – I was trying to find the baby bearded dragons. Told Murphy I’d love to have one….only one major drawback: feeding it live crickets (since I absolutely despise “bugs” in any way, shape, or form)!!

We wandered around some more – they have got tons of great stuff in there!!! But….then….on our way out, I saw the sign to the left of the exit: “Cat Adoptions”…, naturally, I said to Murphy, “Let’s go have a look!”  Well, they had 4 cats there. Since my ears are still on the mend & I knew I couldn’t bend down without my ears clogging up, I just looked at the top 2. One was a big fat ginger tabby, male, about 6 years old; asleep, of course, but really cute. On the right, Murphy is looking at this wide-awake smallish female….named “Peaches.”  Well, I absolutely fell in love with her!!!! So affectionate and sweet. Darn it! No way could I afford her….No way would Marky be able to adjust to her….No way Nathan would let me get her!  Totally disappointed!

Well, time to make my son’s lunch….I may be back later….


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