Winter weather in PA = Depression

Published February 17, 2014 by mamapossum1954

It might be the fact that we’ve had a ton of snow here recently, and it’s been overcast and gloomy and extremely cold. It could also be the fact that I’m no longer an IUP student and feel adrift without the life raft of classroom routine. It could also be the fact that I have my paperwork to register for the GRE test – only lacking the $92.50 in  registration fees.

I just can’t seem to get motivated about anything really. No jobs listed in the local paper; no jobs listed on Careerlink; can’t look further afield due to lack of transportation; can’t take the civil service test until Marcia can drive me to Johnstown. Living on my son’s wages from a minimum wage not-full-time job, trying to pay rent, electricity, internet, gas for the truck, other essentials…with the truck inspection coming up (AND an exhaust leak which may not pass the inspection)…our AAA membership coming due by the end of this month.

It all seems too much at the moment. And, of course, in another four months or so, they’ll be wanting me to start paying back my student loans….what with, I don’t know.


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