Christmas Day 2014

As usual, it’s been a quiet day so far.  Marcia stopped by earlier in the week with 4 presents plus an Old Navy Gift Card (the latter for Nathan….which was used the same day).  It was difficult not to open the gifts until today, but I managed.

As I said, Nathan got the Old Navy Gift Card – which came in handy since he buys 95% of his clothes online at that store.

I received 2 gifts: a sock monkey (with a bag of Werthers Originals) and a no-sew fleece Wolf throw.

No Sew Fleece Wolf Throw

Sock Monkey

For the house/family, we received a breadmaker and a crock pot, both of which will come in handy!

Breadmaker Crockpot

Apart from that, I upset Murphy on Facebook yesterday, which made me feel bad – not so good considering how nostalgic and low I’d been feeling all week. I posted a Merry Christmas greeting to all the members of my family (which includes the people that I’ve unofficially “adopted”). I knew what her feelings were on the phrase/terminology, of course, but didn’t want to go to all the hassle of editing the post by including a “Happy Holidays” greeting. Anyway, now I feel like a horse’s ass for my faux pas. I should have been more considerate. The one thing this reminds me of is of all the times I have alienated people and lost dear friends due to my proverbial “foot in mouth” disease!!!! I don’t really have all that many close friends that I can afford to alienate or lose any!!

Anyway, that’s been the day so far. We’re going to have ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, and gravy and pumpkin pie this evening.