Year of Wallowing is over!

Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve spent the last year since graduating from IUP alternating between extreme highs and lows.  I’d lost my anchor to reality, I guess.  And my sense of purpose. A few things have worked together to shake me out of this abyss….

Firstly, there’s my son’s promotion at Walmart.  No longer is he a lowly cart pusher! Kudos to the staff at the Indiana, PA Walmart for recognizing his work ethic and potential.  I may not like some of their policies, but the staff I’ve come to know over the years cannot be faulted. The icing on the cake is that he LOVES his job in  Loss Prevention!!!!!

Secondly, the apartment manager here put my son on the payroll to shovel snow and salt the sidewalks.  Bill is thrilled with my son’s hard work!

I’ve kind of given up on being impatient about when I’ll hear about my application to the IUP Master’s program in English.  Either way, I’ll hear something sooner or later.

Thanks to a dear friend I met at IUP, I was able to finally take the caseworker state civil service test, with a 92% score.

Now we come to some high/low points…..First, I was somewhat angry with one of my professors for taking over a month to write me a letter of recommendation for the master’s program. Due to the delay, my application was not in time for the spring semester.  But that’s okay…..Things happen when they’re supposed to happen.  And I realize people have their own lives to live and their own situations to deal with. So I’m over that.

I was trying to figure out alternative plans in case I don’t get accepted in the English program. Thanks to another good friend – I give her free “sessions” when she’s stressing out – and to contemplating what I’ve been through over the years, I registered for the information session at IUP to find out more about the master’s program in counseling.  Initially, I wanted to be a family support worker – in order to “give back” for all the help I received in Oz as a single mother. Hence, my switch to psychology as a major in my 3rd semester.  But due to problems with some of the psych courses, I switched back to sociology….although that did not get rid of the foreign language requirement, which I had a lot of trouble with!

I discovered I had a passion about social justice while taking SOC classes. Of course, if I was younger, I’d have more opportunities to choose from.  However, if I can get into the counseling program, I just may have found a niche.

Next…..I missed phone calls about an interview from CYS. Fortunately, they sent me a letter asking me to call – which I shall do if they’re open today (being MLK Day) or tomorrow. It was difficult finding 3 people to write letters of reference – I had hoped to get two of them from the profs who wrote my letters of recommendation for IUP, but it was winter break and that just wasn’t happening.  A window DID open, however; one of my other profs in SOC agreed to write one – and I was blown away at what she wrote!!  I also managed to get my 2 best friends (Murphy and Marcia) to write me letters of reference….both of which blew me away ever further!!!!

So, I’ve decided to start giving myself more credit and start trying to see myself as others see me.  More than 3 people can’t be wrong, can they????? So here’s to starting fresh!