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Some decisions are easy to make….

Published February 26, 2015 by mamapossum1954

Well, considering the fiasco that occurred between one of my professors and myself, I am no doubt persona non grata in the Sociology Department. At the very least, both of the professors I wanted an LOR from will consider me undeserving of one. So I made the executive decision to NOT apply for the counseling program. It’s probably something I would have been good at, considering my ability to “counsel” some of my friends (both on and off Facebook)…..but no other professor would be able to write me an LOR as convincing as the two I had chosen. Both of them had me as a student in several of their classes, and knew me almost as well as I know myself. Due to a huge error on my part – that I would be thoroughly memorable as a student – I burned that bridge. All of my other professors either had me for one class, many many semesters ago, or else are in the Sociology Department. And in spite of words of encouragement from some of my friends, and their insistence that there are other ways to graduate school, I have to disagree. Without LORs, there is NO WAY to be accepted into a graduate program. So, if I am unfortunate enough to not be accepted into the English program for Fall of 2015, there goes my chance at grad school.  And the job market since taking the civil service exam remains the same, well, there goes my chance at employment. I am unable to work retail or personal care, so there really is nothing else left here in Indiana, PA. I could probably try to start up a shop on Etsy with patchwork items….but materials cost money…..of which I have none. Nor can my son afford to subsidize me since he pays all the bills right now. Really in a dark funk at the moment.


Some Changes

Published February 23, 2015 by mamapossum1954

Sprawlmart in Indiana really needs to get their act together!!!  Don’t get me wrong….Most of the cashiers and CSMs are awesome!!  As are some of the assistant managers….But the way that management acts and interacts with the staff, well……

One of the APAs got fired last week. That leaves just my son, the new “hire” and the APM. AND they fired one of the cart pushers that Nathan was friends with. If they keep this up, they’ll have no friggin employees whatsoever!!!!!!

And, of course, I got THAT email from Dr. H.  OK, I’ll admit to being “flippant” in my email. I guess I thought I was more memorable than I actually was! And she took what I said the wrong way. So that leaves her and probably Dr. B hat I can’t ask for LORs. AND it probably means I’m persona non grata with the rest of the SOC Department as well. So…if I don’t get into the English Master’s Program, well, that’s it. I won’t be able to get LORs from any other prof that knows me really well, so that is that. Right now, I just don’t care any more.

Another Bout With the “Mystery Virus”

Published February 11, 2015 by mamapossum1954

I felt the prelude symptoms on Sunday – severe chills and fever and aching – so slept almost nonstop. Because I missed the first information session for the Dept. of Counseling Master’s Program, I knew I had to go to the one on Monday, Feb. 9th. Managed somehow to drag myself into the shower, but it used up most of my energy reserves. Managed to catch the buses to campus and meet up with Murphy; we stayed indoors in the warmth before heading to Stouffer Hall. Fortunately, it only went for about an hour, and most of my questions were answered…plus we were able to catch the Yellow bus home right outside of Stouffer.  But I was still quite ill, so spent all of yesterday (apart from 5 minutes when Randy, the maintenance guy, came to measure for the new carpet) in bed. We had to go to Walmart and Sheetz when my son got home, but I was able to go back to bed shortly after. Woke up after 8 this morning, and still feel like a steam roller ran me over!  I’ve been trying to work on my goal statement – but my brain is so fuzzy that not much is coming out. And I need to email my 2 professors to let them know I need their LOR’s before the 15th of March deadline, but don’t have enough energy or motivation to do that either.

We still need to throw stuff out from the living room and the big closet before the carpet guy comes. So much stuff was ruined when the downstairs was flooded by the water heater 3 weeks ago; fortunately, the only things of value I lost were in my handbag (bus schedules, various cards, the entire bag). It’s just difficult getting my son motivated to do much lately. I mean, fair enough, he works full time, and doesn’t get much “down time”…..but it’s almost impossible for me to carry stuff upstairs or out to the dumpster.