Some decisions are easy to make….

Published February 26, 2015 by mamapossum1954

Well, considering the fiasco that occurred between one of my professors and myself, I am no doubt persona non grata in the Sociology Department. At the very least, both of the professors I wanted an LOR from will consider me undeserving of one. So I made the executive decision to NOT apply for the counseling program. It’s probably something I would have been good at, considering my ability to “counsel” some of my friends (both on and off Facebook)…..but no other professor would be able to write me an LOR as convincing as the two I had chosen. Both of them had me as a student in several of their classes, and knew me almost as well as I know myself. Due to a huge error on my part – that I would be thoroughly memorable as a student – I burned that bridge. All of my other professors either had me for one class, many many semesters ago, or else are in the Sociology Department. And in spite of words of encouragement from some of my friends, and their insistence that there are other ways to graduate school, I have to disagree. Without LORs, there is NO WAY to be accepted into a graduate program. So, if I am unfortunate enough to not be accepted into the English program for Fall of 2015, there goes my chance at grad school.  And the job market since taking the civil service exam remains the same, well, there goes my chance at employment. I am unable to work retail or personal care, so there really is nothing else left here in Indiana, PA. I could probably try to start up a shop on Etsy with patchwork items….but materials cost money…..of which I have none. Nor can my son afford to subsidize me since he pays all the bills right now. Really in a dark funk at the moment.


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